The National Association of Travel Agencies in Romania was established on the 24th of September 1990, through the civil judgment 2078.

The committee initiative – the General Assembly for the establishment of the National Association of Travel Agencies – held on the 25th of August 1990, included:

  1. Burcea Alin – Paralela 45, Bucharest
  2. Gaină Cornel – Simpaturism – Nouvelles Frontieres, Bucharest
  3. Cojocărescu Ioan – Mara Tours & Travel, Bucharest
  4. Mateescu Valentin – Gerotour, Bucharest
  5. Pârvulescu Constantin – Romned Consilia
  6. Georgescu Iulian- Legal Adviser Ministry of Tourism
  7. Alexandru Popa- first NATA treasurer
  8. Cojocărescu Marian- Mara Tours&Travel
  9. Grigorescu Lucian- Paralela 45

The name of the association is changed to the National Association of Travel Agencies in Romania in June 1991 and in February 2006 it becomes NATA Employers Association, which aims to represent the professional interests of its members.

Between 1990 and 2013 the next succeeding presidents lead NATA:

Corina Martin

NATA President 2009-2013

    Dragoș Anastasiu

    NATA President 2007-2009

      Gheorghe Fodoreanu

      NATA President 2006-2007

        Lucia Morariu

        NATA President 2004-2006

          Cornel Găină

          NATA President 1993-1998 NATA President 2000-2004

            Marcel Bădescu

            NATA President 1998-2000

              Alin Burcea

              NATA President 1990-1993

                In 2002, Mr. Marcel Badescu was appointed as Honorary President of NATA.


                From the beginning, NATA conducted various campaigns of which the most important is “Holiday in my country.” It is a type of promotion concept, different from those that existed until now in budgets managed by central, integrated, predictable, measurable effects tested in various tourism destinations and organizations, covering the entire period of a year, repeating annually and summarizing the performance of the entire sales promotions for the tourism industry in Romania.

                “Holiday in my country” is an umbrella program that includes several sub-programs that stimulates the Romanians’ desire to travel to their country in the most diverse destinations, both for the purpose of relaxation and therapeutic purposes or knowledge.

                Here are some of them:

                • Early booking, nationwide program launched at the beginning of 2009 tourism summer and winter edition.
                • “Mini-holiday pricing” program that runs in the off-season or end of season for spa, seaside, mountains;
                • “Spa resort decade” program that creates the opportunity to practice therapy in the natural healing factors;
                • “A week of recovery” program that is conducted in two annual editions and offers a very broad category of tourists, the opportunity to enjoy the lowest prices of holidays in low season periods;
                • “Seaside for all” program that runs in two annual editions through which tourists can enjoy 6 nights at seaside at the lowest prices;
                • “A week in the mountains” program that offers a very broad categories of tourists the opportunity to enjoy the lowest prices of holidays in mountain areas;
                • “Free Days of Holiday” program in two editions which seeks marketing travel packages, especially during periods of high season;
                • Mini-holidays special for special events celebrating religious or civilian holidays: Easter, May 1st, Ascension, St. Mary, National Day, Christmas, St. Andrew, New Year etc.

                NATA is currently the most powerful voice of the travel agencies in Romania.