Participă la Seminarul „Viitorul Turismului în Europa – Promovarea Competiției prin Sustenabilitate și Digitalizare”, marți, 4 iulie 2017, Thon Hotel, Bruxelles!


Comisia Europeană invită membrii ANAT să participe la seminarul „Viitorul Turismului în Europa”, marți, 4 iulie, la hotelul Thon din Bruxelles. Înscrieți-vă prin ANAT pentru a afla mai multe despre cum implementarea noilor tehnologii poate avea un impact favorabil asupra domeniului în care activați.

Prin intermediul ANAT, beneficiați de un preț redus de 295 € sau 250 € pentru doi și mai mulți participanți, iar banii vor fi refacturați către fiecare agenție. Pentru înscriere, trimițeți un e-mail la adresa cu numele delegatului, poziția și adresa acestuia de e-mail. Până în momentul de față, va participa dl. Remus Tănase de la BJR Vacanțe, iar perioada de înscrieri rămâne deschisă.

Mai jos găsiți textul original, în limba engleză, al anunțului trimis de Comisie, precum și alte detalii despre eveniment.

The tourism industry is of great socio-economic importance for the European Union, accounting for 10% of EU GDP and employing about 12 million people (Eurostat, 2015). In recognition of the industry’s significant role in driving pan-European job creation and economic growth, the European Commission has introduced certain initiatives which aim to promote sustainability, accessibility, culture and to boost low season and coastal tourism.

New technologies moreover offer challenges and opportunities for European tourism. In addition, to digitising the sector, Europe needs to integrate culture and technology in new and innovative ways, targeting strategic investment in areas where it can be a world leader, such as cultural tourism.

The The Future of Tourism in Europe seminar will provide delegates with an invaluable opportunity to analyse the strategic role for the tourism sector in supporting economic and employment growth in Europe, and consider how opportunities offered by cultural tourism can be capitalised upon. It will take place on Tuesday 04th July 2017, Thon Hotel, Brussels.

To ensure your organisation is represented, please book online or complete and return the registration form at your earliest convenience, in order to secure your delegate place(s). Also, for more information and bookings, please contact: +44 (0) 20 3137 8630.

For further details, please refer to the attached event brochure and do feel free to circulate this information to relevant colleagues registration form within your organisation.attached event brochure

Attendees will also scrutinise the challenges and prospects associated with the digitalisation of the sector and explore how ICTs can be better integrated into tourism and travel related services. The symposium will promote the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking debate.

Delegates will:

  • Examine initiatives implemented by the EU to promote and support tourism
  • Consider the economic and non-economic challenges facing the European tourism industry
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by digitisation and reflect on its implications for competitiveness and job creation
  • Assess how to improve digital competency and foster digital literacy amongst operators within the sector
  • Learn from successful projects on how to positively implement sustainability indicators systems such as the ETIS
  • Analyse strategies to boost city tourism
  • Engage in interactive discussions with stakeholders and trendsetters in the field of tourism
  • Share best practice of successful innovation projects to increase tourism accessibility.
Andra Meran
Consilier Marketing